माल एवं सेवा - हैदराबाद क्षेत्र
Goods and Services Tax - Hyderabad Zone
స్తు మరియు సేవల న్ను - హైదరాబాద్ జోన్

Hyderabad-I Appeals Commissionerate

Name of Formation Commte/ Division/ Range Location Code Proposed Mobile No. of the formation (last six/five digits) MOBILE NO ALLOTED Proposed gov mail of the formation
Hyderabad-I Appeals Commissionerate   070000 7901243475 cgst.hydappeals1@gov.in
Additional Commissioner Commissionerate   070001 7901243476 cgst.adchydappls1@gov.in
Assistant Commissoner1 Commissionerate   070002 7901243477 cgst.ac1hydappls1@gov.in
Assistant Commissoner2 Commissionerate   070003 7901243478 cgst.ac2hydappls1@gov.in
Superintendent1 Commissionerate   070004 7901243479 cgst.supdt1hydappls1@gov.in
Superintendent2 Commissionerate   070005 7901243480 cgst.supdt2hydappls1@gov.in